3 Exciting Plumbing Innovations to Try Today

How You Benefit from Innovative Plumbing

Plumbing is an industry that technological advancements have completely transformed. Plumbers in North Central Ohio today can do much more than they could a few decades ago, with advanced tools such as sewer line cameras and hydro-jetting. Plumbing is more efficient and effective than ever, thanks to innovators who have revolutionized the way we maintain, install, and repair pipes. Here are three plumbing innovations that you may not realize can help you.


Serious clogs require serious measures. Hydro-excavation is the latest and greatest innovation in pipe unclogging, using pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum to clear pipes of even the most stubborn clogs. The water breaks up debris and/or soil in the pipes, and the vacuum sucks it all up for a clean and clear pipe. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or damage pipes with metal snakes. The team at The Trenchless Guys also has sewer jetters for fast and environmentally friendly pipe cleaning.

Pipeline Cameras

Most modern plumbers have done away with the time-consuming, expensive, and often damaging practice of making an educated guess about where the problem is, excavating the property, and making repairs. Instead, they use tiny pipeline cameras to easily identify the exact area or source of the problem. Cameras make diagnoses and repairs fast, simple, and much less damaging to properties. Our cameras use the newest technologies to give clear pictures of the inside of pipelines.

Trenchless Plumbing

It may be difficult to imagine plumbing without digging, but this is exactly what the latest technology has made us capable of achieving. Trenchless plumbing uses sophisticated equipment to repair cracks, replace burst pipes. and reline old pipes without damaging your landscape. It is a great choice in many plumbing situations, with machines that use special liquids and techniques for no-dig pipe repairs. Call the Trenchless Guys to schedule your plumbing services today!