6 Advantages of Trenchless Pipes You Should Know

6 Advantages of Trenchless Pipes You Should Know

When you have damage to your sewer lines, it can be a major undertaking to get them repaired. Traditional sewer replacement methods involve the mess of digging a major trench in the yard, uprooting precious landscaping, and potentially damaging valuable patios. To make matters worse, you lose the use of your outdoor space while the work is being completed. If you need your sewer lines replaced, consider these advantages to trenchless pipes.

Clean Drinking Water

When you get trenchless pipes installed, there is a whole new liner to your sewer system, which means your drinking water will be the cleanest it has ever been. There is no need to worry about mold, dirt, or dangerous microbes.

Quiet Job Site

Unlike traditional trench sewer repair, the work that technicians perform when installing trenchless pipes is a very quiet process. There is no need to worry about bothering the neighbors, as the machines and tools operate quietly.

High Quality Work

Trenchless pipe repair uses liners that are cured-in-place in combination with seamless PVB piping. The quality of these materials and the way they are installed is superior to other pipe materials, and do not suffer from corrosion or rust in the future.

Cost Effectiveness

There is significantly less labor involved with trenchless pipe installation than there is with traditional trench repair. It is also a much faster installation process and doesn’t pose a risk of damage to your property. All of these factors work together to make the entire process a very inexpensive choice.

Time Efficiency

The methods used to install trenchless pipes require very little digging (just two small holes) and are typically completed in two to three days. This is much faster than traditional repair.

Yardscape Protection

With the only damage to your yard being an entrance and an exit hole, there is virtually no damage to landscaping or patios to speak of. In comparison to the mess created by digging a huge trench, trenchless pipe repair seems like an obvious choice.

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