Be Kind to Your Sewer Line Over the Holidays

Be Kind to Your Sewer Line Over the Holidays

Many people forget that the main sewer line may be overworked during the holidays.  Not only are winter holidays during the colder months in North Central Ohio, but they are also during the busier months of the year.  It is easy to forget about your sewer system when you have days full of preparations, guests, and festivities.  Consider having your sewer line checked before the coldest months in Ohio so that you know your home is prepared for the added stress.

  • Sometimes it is best only to allow one or two people to run the garbage disposal. Avoiding having the wrong things go down your drains isn’t easy to do with a house full of guests.  It is easy to put a drain strainer over the side of the sink with the garbage disposal and tape the switch so that people use the trash can for food waste instead.
  • Install plungers and trashcans close to each toilet in your home. Consider smaller plungers under the sinks in your home, so they are easy to grab if there is a clog.  These little additions to the areas in your home with drains will give your guests the convenience of having a place to put trash that would otherwise go down a drain.
  • Use drain covers for your bathroom drains to protect your sewer line and secondary lines from clogging resulting from hair, toothpaste, and hair products.
  • If you notice an odor of sewage in your home or around your property, call to have it inspected promptly. A broken sewer line will only get worse with added stress from more substantial usage.
  • If you hear gurgling in your plumbing after you flush a toilet or run an appliance that has a high output of water, then you may need to have your sewer line cleaned or replaced.

The Trenchless Guys help households in North Central Ohio get through the holidays with healthy sewer lines.  If you think there is a problem with the sewer line at your home, contact us for an inspection.