Building a New Home? Make These Three Plumbing Decisions a Priority

Building a New Home? Make These Three Plumbing Decisions a Priority

Embarking on your new home construction is an exciting time. Not only are you about to begin building the home of your dreams, but you get to make each and every style decision regarding its style and amenities. Of course, that also means you’re also responsible for making a large number of more logistical decisions for your home.

When it comes to your new home’s plumbing, there are some major factors to consider. We’ve compiled a list of the most important plumbing decisions for north central Ohio new home builders:

  1. Plumbing materials. In the past, most homes in a particular geographic area utilized the same type of piping. However, nowadays, there are numerous materials available, including cast iron, brass, copper, galvanized iron, PVC, and ABS. For the most part, city waste lines and gas supply lines will be decided for you. For the rest, including your internal water supply and waste lines, most homeowners choose a durable, inexpensive material like PVC or ABS.
  2. Plumbing location. The location of plumbing elements like water supply lines and waste lines depends on your placement of important fixtures. However, their proper placement is dictated by the availability of plumbing connections. Speak with a plumber and your builder to determine a configuration that makes sense for your plumbing system and provides an interior layout that feels natural.
  3. Plumbing fixtures. Now comes the fun part – choosing plumbing fixtures and hardware like hot water heaters, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, shower heads, and toilets for your new home. In general, you’ll want to choose durable, long-lasting fixtures and hardware that stand the test of time; ask a plumber or your builder for recommendations. In addition, be sure your fixtures and hardware are efficient and provide a seamless overall look for your home’s interior.

With proper maintenance, your new home’s plumbing system should function at peak performance for years to come. However, the potential for a residential plumbing emergency is always present. In the event of such an emergency, contact the professionals at The Trenchless Guys. We can assess your residential plumbing, sewer, and water heater needs and have you back to normal as soon as possible.