Can I Protect My Pipes from Freezing

Can I Protect My Pipes from Freezing

Summer is drawing to a close and soon the temperatures in North Central Ohio are going to drop. If you want to prepare your home for the winter season, it’s important to consider the ways you can protect your pipes from freezing. The Trenchless Guys in North Central Ohio can help you address plumbing issues like leaks and burst pipes, but it’s essential to be proactive if you want to prevent freezing issues in your plumbing system this winter.

Consult Your Plumber

Before you start making improvements and adjustments to protect your pipes from freezing, it’s a good idea to arrange an inspection from an experienced plumber. Your plumber can inspect your pipes, identify any pipes that are at risk of freezing and/or breaking, and recommend solutions that will help you keep your home as warm as possible when the weather cools. It’s a good idea to schedule this inspection toward the end of summer or in the fall so you are ready to face the winter temperature drop.


Insulated pipes are more resistant to freezing. Ask your plumber which of your pipes need the most insulation and what type would be most suitable. If you already have insulation on your home’s pipes, a plumber can check to make sure it is still viable and ready to handle colder weather. You should also check for cracks in your foundation and the supporting walls of your home, as small gaps near your pipes can create cold zones that increase the risk of pipe freezes.

Make Arrangements When You Leave Home

Pipe freezing most often occurs when water is still. Just a small trickle can be enough to keep water in your pipes moving and prevent freezing. If you plan on taking a winter vacation or won’t be home for several days, see if you can have a neighbor stop by and let your faucets trickle both hot and cold water for a bit to keep the water moving so you do not come home to a frozen and burst pipe.

The Trenchless Guys offers a full range of residential plumbing services in North Central Ohio, and we can help you prepare for the cold weather. Contact us today to arrange a plumbing inspection or to fix small issues with your plumbing so they do not become major problems this winter.