Hydro Excavating & Sewer Jet Work Service

hydro-excavating-sewer-jetHydro Excavating
With the emergence of the digital age, with high speed internet and the requirements regarding the ever expanding gas services, has come the demands regarding non abrasive excavation. We as The Trenches Guys offer the option of excavating around these stressful utilities by means of water and vacuum and eliminate the possibility of damaging them
Catch Basin, manholes and Lift-station Vacuuming and cleaning
We offer the service of cleaning and vacuuming out of catch basin, lift stations and manholes on a regular schedule for the contractor, counties or small utility companies. We provide steam cleaning of grease and the ability to vac the debris and build up found in these systems.  
Jetting of Sanitary and Storm drain systems
We provide jet vac cleaning of both large and small drain lines both sanitary and storm systems. We are able to do jet distances of 500-600 ft and pull the debris back to the entrance point to be vacuumed out and removed, preventing the material from being pushed farther down the line.