Innovative Plumbing Solutions From the Trenchless Guys

Innovative Plumbing Solutions From the Trenchless Guys

Plumbing services that involve your water lines can involve digging up portions of your yard – but they don’t have to. The Trenchless Guys are bringing innovative plumbing solutions to Northern Central Ohio, proving repairs, re-lining, and services that other plumbing companies would only be able to complete by unearthing the pipes below.
Save the eyesore in your yard and the extra time of excavation. Count on the Trenchless Guys for your plumbing needs.
Bursting Replacement
You would think that the only way to replace underground water lines would be to dig into the ground, but that’s no longer the case. Our trenchless bursting system lets us replace drain and water lines with equal and even larger sized pipes. As the old pipe comes out, the new line goes in. When it’s in place, the special head expands as needed, seamlessly forming a new line for service.
Slip Lining Storm Lines
Like the bursting method, replacing your storm lining can happen without ever needing to excavate your yard. A new HDPE pipe replaces the existing line, and a concrete liquid grout fills in the leftover void between the pipes. Despite the replacement pipe being smaller than the original, HDPE pipes can handle water much more efficiently, leading to increases in high-flow capacity and making your storm line work better than before.
Re-lining Drain and Water Lines
After using our camera systems to check if a pipe is ready for re-lining, the Trenchless Guys work to clear away any debris and set the re-liner to the proper measurements. Our re-lining techniques and technology allow us to re-line a pipe to the main water source, all from one location. After the resin cures, the seamless pipe is ready for use.
Water Service and Sewer Lateral Replacement
Our pit boring equipment allows us to set up new sewer and water service lines as needed, which also plays a role in replacing these lines. We can operate in small areas of access and still achieve an even grade throughout.
At the Trenchless Guys, we want to provide the best service possible. That’s why we use the most up-to-date innovations and keep an eye on any new plumbing technology. Call us for your trenchless plumbing solutions today.