Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall?

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall?

Your HVAC system is instrumental to your ability to live comfortably throughout the year, especially during the colder months. As the temperatures go down in North Central Ohio, homeowners will want to be sure that their HVAC units are working optimally. Before the season is over, set aside time to perform all the following HVAC maintenance procedures to assure the functionality of your unit throughout the fall and into the winter.
Check and Replenish Your Air Filters
The most essential task homeowners must prioritize is checking and replacing their air filters on a regular basis. Dirty air filters not only put needless stress on the unit, but they can make it less efficient as a whole. Be sure to check and switch out your air filter with a fresh one every 30 to 90 days. Keep in mind that you might have to replace it more often if you keep your windows open regularly or have pets.
Clear Your Unit of Debris
If your HVAC system is outside, it’s crucial to keep it free of debris. Inspect your unit once a week for any accumulation of dust, sticks, seeds, leaves, or other common debris that could hinder airflow and weaken the efficiency of your HVAC unit. If you see any debris on the sides or at the top of your unit, use gloves or a small shovel to clear them away. While you’re at it, make sure that your ducts and registers are clear of debris too.
Listen for Strange Sounds
Pay special attention to any odd sounds you hear coming from your HVAC system. Strange noises from your unit are often the result of clogged registers, loose furnace bolts, or debris in the vents. If you notice any odd sounds while your unit is running this fall, first try to locate the source. If you cannot find the source of the noise, refer to your HVAC technician who can examine your unit and make repairs if needed.
Invest in HVAC Maintenance Services
Fall is the perfect time to have your HVAC unit professionally examined right before the weather gets colder and HVAC technicians become busier.