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With over 20 years of plumbing experience, the team at The Trenchless Guys are the experts to call when it comes all your Massillon trenchless sewer line needs. Along with our vast experience comes the fact that you will be doing business with an owner operated and truly local company. Being local to us is more the having an office in town, but living and giving back to that same community along with treating our clients like we would our friendly neighbors. When an installation, repair or maintenance need arises, give us a call and let us show you the difference.

As technology continues to evolve so your does the consumers choice for a more efficient and effective product. This is exactly what the trenchless technology offers the home and property owners of Massillon. The days of tearing up sidewalks, landscaping or even grandma’s favorite tomato garden are over. We understand with the thought of going trenchless comes questions and the understanding of the technology. Below we answer a few of the more common questions, along with providing some added information to help you better understand the main methods, both pipe relining and pipe bursting.

What is Pipe Relining?
The process of relining a drain line is a complex process of building a new seamless one piece pipe inside your drain line completely sealing off all old leaks and breaks in the line.

The key advantage of relining of your drain line over some of the other trenchless methods is the ability to fully replace the entire drain line from a single access point and with usually a relatively small excavation or access point being made.

Using the inversion relining method we are able to insert the liner all the way through the sewer line and terminate within a foot or so of the sanitary main. This allows for the entire line to be replaced instead of terminating at the edge of the street or sidewalk, which is the case with most open trench conventional methods. This also saves the extensive costs involved with cutting up and replacement of sidewalks, curbs and potentially the street, if the line is suffering root intrusion or damage and in need of replacement under these areas.

What is Pipe Bursting?
The process of pipe bursting is similar to relining only in that it is a Trenchless process of replacing your drain-line.The process of pipe bursting is a completely mechanical process in which using pure hydraulic muscle we literally pull a new line through where the old line was. This process is accomplished by digging approximately a 3′ x 4′ access hole  down to the pipe at each end of the line that will be replaced.

After the line has been correctly accessed we then send a large special cable down through the existing pipe and hook the one end up to a special burst head.

Next we measure out the needed amount of pipe that will be pulled through the line. We use a high density pipe referred to as HDPE pipe. This special pipe is unique in the fact that it doesn’t use regular fittings but instead is connected together by a process of fusion or plastic welding. After the pipe is welded together it is a completely seamless pipe with the places that were fused together being as strong as the rest of the pipe.

After the line all welded together it is then attached to the special burst head at the one end of the trench. At the other end of the trench we place the hydraulic bursting unit which is then connected to the cable that was inserted through the existing line. Then with the use of hydraulic power we pull the burst pipe through the existing line and replace it with the new HDPE seamless pipe. The bursting process allows us to replace the line with the same size pipe as the existing line or even up size the line from 4″ to 6″ if the soil conditions allow for this. We are able to burst most types of pipe including clay, steel and most plastics.

Once the new line has been pulled all the way through we simply hook up the line back up and the customer is back in full service with a seamless new line that will provide superior performance for many years to come and is free from any chance of root intrusion or deterioration.

Usually the first thought we all have when making any kind of purchase is, you guessed it, the cost! Not only is it good to understand the cost but also the value of the product, both immediate and long term. we will be the first to tell you, the trenchless sewer line technology is not always the lowest cost option, especially when it is being compared with conventional  excavation. The technology can be a bit expensive to maintain and develop but the end result is it becomes a significantly cheaper option when the replacement of landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, streets and reclamation of yards is taken into consideration. The main issue to address and figure into the cost equation is really what is going to be destroyed if the open trench, conventional method is used. As with most things proper installation by a professional, along with upkeep and maintenance is key to product longevity.

Whether its an installation, repair or maintenance we are the experts to call for all your commercial, residential and industrial trenchless sewer lines needs needs. Contact us today for a free no obligation evaluation.

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