How to Prepare Your Home for Your Upcoming Summer Vacation

Summer has arrived once again in the Central Ohio, which means many residents are excited to take off on their upcoming summer vacations. However, before you head out, you’ll want to be sure your home is safe from needless plumbing problems that can wreak havoc on your home during your absence. Use the following advice as a guide to help you prepare your property for your upcoming trip.


Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater


If you own a generic tank water heater operating on gas or electricity, you probably are already aware of how much energy it consumes on a daily basis. Hot water heaters generally consume more energy than any other appliance in your home, so powering down your hot water heater while you are away can decrease your energy bills and save a substantial amount of energy in the process. If there is no possibility of freezing, turning off your hot water heater for a few days while you’re vacationing should pose no threats to your property.


You can turn your hot water heater off with either its primary shut-off valve or the primary circuit board in your house. If it’s more convenient, you can also turn your water heater’s setting dial down to the lowest possible temperature.


Understand that your hot water heater will require a bit of additional time to re-warm its tank after being off, so be sure you turn it on right when you get back.


Turn Off Your Water


The potential damage that water can inflict on your home rises substantially when you aren’t there to limit it before it gets out of hand. If an impaired pipe bursts in your home during your trip, you could find yourself coming home to flooding and severe property damage. But if you turn off your water supply prior to your departure, you can limit the possibility of property damage resulting from an unchecked leak or burst pipe. To shut down your home’s water supply, use your main shut-off valve. If you are unaware of its location, make sure you find it to limit property damage in case a plumbing-related accident occurs in the future.