Quick Fixes for a Better Shower Experience

Quick Fixes for a Better Shower Experience

You deserve to have a luxurious shower experience in your own home, and the process doesn’t have to be as expensive or difficult as you may think. In fact, you can achieve luxury simply by addressing your showerhead.

Replace Your Old Shower Head

While the most expensive shower heads on the market will cost upwards of $100, there are plenty of cheaper models on the market that can still give you a more “spa-like” experience. There are many types available in all price ranges, including:

  • Handheld
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Single or Selectable Spray
  • Vertical Body Spray

Today’s shower heads also come with various settings for water pressure, filtration, and to help you reduce your environmental impact.

Fix Your Leaky Shower head

If you’re not in the market for a new shower head, consider fixing your old one. If your showerhead is leaky, there could be a few different issues:

    • Worn out seals. If your shower head has a worn out seal from split o-rings or loose washers, the fix is as easy as replacing the old parts. Take your seal with you to the store when you go to buy a new one, ensuring you walk out with the right product in hand.
    • Mineral buildup. Often, the holes in a showerhead accumulate a buildup of deposits from hard water. This forces water to back up and come out of the seams in the showerhead’s faceplate or the joint between the showerhead and arm. You can break up these deposits by soaking the showerhead in white vinegar overnight, softening them enough for you to scrub the shower head clean.
    • Defective cartridge. If your shower head has a single handle controlling the supply of both cold and hot water, the cylindrical plastic cartridge at the joint can crack and wear out. Take this cartridge or the valve body itself to the store to help you find a replacement part to fix this leak.

If your shower issues are more stubborn or you’d like to request a consultation for a full bathroom plumbing replacement, contact us today. Here at The Trenchless Guys, we take pride in our ability to take your bathroom plumbing to the next level, bringing you the home shower experience you’ve been looking for.