Sewer Line Repair Services in North Central Ohio

Sewer Line Repair Services in North Central Ohio

As winter approaches, you need to consider the potential damages Mother Nature could wreak on your home plumbing, including the sewer line. Depending on the type of plumbing your home has, the lines could crack or chip, rust, and corrode. If your lines are plastic, drastic temperature changes can weaken the pipes. Even a small fracture in the line can let sewage seep onto your property and can cause clogs from debris.
This kind of damage could result in dangerous sewage flooding parts of your property and can lead to various other water damages. You must address these problems immediately, and fall presents the perfect time for inspections and repairs before the cold of winter worsens the problem and prolongs the repair time.

Damages from Broken Sewer Lines

Your home gets rid of soiled or wastewater through the sewer line, depositing it in your city or municipality’s drainage system. Sometimes problems occur, and your first sign of trouble comes in how effectively your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs drain. If you smell sewage, you have a problem for sure. A leaking line can damage your property very quickly, potentially compromising your foundation. Leaks also pose several health hazards and can cause pest infestations, just the kind of problem you don’t want in the middle of winter.

Causes of Sewer Leaks

Damage to the pipe can turn into a crack. Freezing temperatures expose your pipes to increased risk of cracking or fracturing. Additionally, pressure can originate internally from debris flushed into the line, including hygiene products, toilet paper, and even hair. If these begin to clog, the liquid rushing after will start to back up and exert pressure on the pipe, risking a crack. Tree roots also threaten the integrity of your sewer line.
If you suspect your sewer line is compromised, don’t delay calling The Trenchless Guys. Our expert technicians can help you maintain the lines, reline them, or even do a full replacement. Winter is coming, so move quickly before the problem worsens.