Sewer Line Repair & Installation

If your main line is backed up, it can be a real mess.  Let the professionals at The Trenchless Guys handle it!  With twenty years of experience, we will be able to quickly and efficiently solve your main line plumbing problem.

The best part about using the Trenchless Guys is that we use technology that is minimally invasive.  Most repairs do not require plumbers to excavate your lawn and landscaping.  Trenchless repairs are permanent, so you don’t need to worry about future problems.

The Trenchless Guys are available by phone text or email seven days a week.  Sometimes plumbing emergencies just can’t wait, especially when it comes to your plumbing system’s main sewer line! Feel free to give us a call when you need help!

Different Problems We can help you solve

The Trenchless Guys have the experience and knowledge to help you solve a variety of problems. Trenchless sewer line repair can fix:

  • Underground piping issues
  • Blocked or clogged pipes that have burst
  • Pipes that were incorrectly installed
  • Damaged pipes from freezing or thawing
  • Cracked pipes from movement in surrounding environment

Why use Trenchless Technology?

The Trenchless Guys specialize in trenchless pipe repair and replacement. We believe in what we do because we have seen it work so many times.  Why tear up your lawn if you don’t have to?  Not only is trenchless repair less invasive and messy than traditional plumbing repairs, it can be faster too.

Trenchless repairs are permanent and they do meet industry standards.  The Trenchless Guys know Ohio plumbing code and will make sure your home meets standards.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’re experiencing sewer line issues, give us a call today.  One of our expertly trained professionals will be more than happy to give you a free, no obligation consultation. We can assess your plumbing issues, and let you know if trenchless repair is right for your home or property.