Televising of Sewer Lines & Storm Drains in North Central Ohio

tving-sewer-linesTelevisng of Sanitary and Storm
We offer the capability of televising of both Storm and Sanitary sewer lines from 4” up to 36” in diameter. This allows us to pinpoint deterioration and also areas of infiltration. We also are able to map out from above ground the location of taps, lateral locations, missing manholes and other areas of concern. 
Lateral launch cameras to provide survey of the lateral from main
We also provide the technology of lateral launching a camera from the main sanitary to perform inspections of the tap and laterals from the home. This also allows us to get a depth reading on the lateral from above the ground and mark its location for the Contractor or Municipality. With the new requirement of pre and post inspections of sanitary laterals for direction boring work, the ability to locate and mark the lateral has become more and more of a necessity.