The Impact of Winter on Your Water

The Impact of Winter on Your Water

Many residents of North Central Ohio enjoy a little snow over the holidays, but that just marks the initial transition into winter, and if homeowners aren’t appropriately prepared, they can end up facing expensive emergencies over the colder months. Most people are readily familiar with basic preventative measures to ensure the pipes don’t freeze, such as flushing out any exterior pipes and keeping the temperature of the home warm, even while absent. However, one appliance that is often forgotten in these preparations is the water heater.

The water heater has a very important role in the home. As indicated by the name, its main function is to provide your family with hot water. Not only is it more comfortable to engage in activities such as showering and washing your hands with hot water, but it is also actually very useful for hygienic reasons as well. At the right temperature, water is able to effectively kill bacteria and microbes, which is why it is generally used in most dishwasher cycles. It also makes it easier to remove grime from surfaces.

In the winter, people have a tendency to use far more hot water than usual, and this can have an unwanted impact on your water heater. The extra usage puts increased strain on the appliance. In addition, the water being fed to your plumbing system from the city is also colder than usual, given the ambient temperature outside. Thus, your water heater has to work even harder to bring it up to a more desirable temperature. All of this can add up, leading to water heater failure.

As your water heater struggles to keep up, you may notice it takes longer and longer for the water to get warm. Over time, these delays can lead to high increases in your energy bill, and if left unaddressed, you may end up with no hot water at all. Depending on when this happens, it could put your family in a really uncomfortable situation.

The best way to prevent all of this is to schedule regular maintenance visits from a licensed professional with The Trenchless Guys. Our team is experienced with water heater repairs, service, and installation and can help ensure your heater is adequately prepared to handle the excess strain of the winter months. To get started, simply contact us via our website, or give us a call at (330) 362-3425.