Three Things You Should Know About Trenchless Technology

Three Things You Should Know About Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is hardly a new concept, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands it. The Trenchless Guys believe that they serve central Ohioans better when they understand what services are available. To help, here’s what you need to know about trenchless technology and how The Trenchless Guys use it to serve north central Ohio.

What Does Trenchless Mean

To put it simply, it’s in the name. It is work completed on underground pipes with little or no trench digging. Combining modern technology with time-tested plumbing work, it offers customers a way to have their pipes serviced without subjecting their property to digging. That way, a dig project won’t interrupt normal day-to-day activities that go on above ground.

How Does It Work?

To accomplish this, the company digs a small hole down to the level of the pipe, then cuts across horizontally until making contact with the system. Once that’s finished, we send tools down to inspect the pipe, including cutting into the pipe to insert a camera so a technician can examine it from the surface. After that, a bursting head is sent to cut into and through the pipe, fracturing the structure and clearing the way for installing new pipe using the pull-in-place method. The same bursting head attaches to the head of the new pipe to set it in place. It’s worth mentioning that any pipe replacement project includes a thorough cleaning of pre-existing pipelines prior to pipe bursting.

Is This Just for Plumbing?

No, in fact this technology, perfected by mining companies and used in large-scale subway projects, can tackle any kind of pipe job, be it gas, sewage, or water. Regardless of what passes through the pipe, the same techniques are used.
Trenchless technology allows The Trenchless Guys to safely replace or repair your pipes, clean your system, keep pipes safe from roots and other threats, and protect your landscaping, all at the same time.
To learn more or to schedule an appointment to have your pipes serviced, call The Trenchless Guys, providing innovative plumbing solutions to north central Ohioans’ unique problems every day.