Warm Weather Plumbing Tips

Warm Weather Plumbing Tips

If you’ve ever had a pipe freeze or burst, you’re always more conscious of how your plumbing is affected by the cold-weather season. But, when winter passes into spring and spring into summer, the causes of plumbing issues aren’t so easy to identify as they are when a pipe is covered in frost. That’s what makes seasonal maintenance so crucial to the well-being of your home’s vital waterways. This summer, get ahead of potential plumbing issues with these tips.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

When warm rains come rolling into town, you don’t want to be the only house on the block without a working sump pump. Be sure to test it every summer. You can test your sump pump by making sure it is turned on before pouring a bucket of water on it and waiting to see if it starts to pump. Sump pumps are a key part of keeping many basements from flooding and a broken one can spell disaster for your floor and belongings. If you don’t have a sump-pump, consider getting one installed, especially if your home has a basement and/or a history of flooding.

Prepare Your Sprinklers

If you have an old, rusty sprinkler system or if any part of your hose is damaged, you are going to be leaking all summer. This issue is of particular concern for those living in warm, dry conditions who like to keep a fresh, green lawn. Inspecting your sprinkler system is a solid step toward a more sustainable home.

Check For Leaks

Warm weather is also an important time for catching leaks early and nipping the problem in the bud. Any leaks caused by winter could be letting your precious water escape from the pipes, under shower heads and faucets, toilets, outside spigots and hot water heaters as well. For noticeable leaks, a professional can help diagnose the issue and recommend solutions to repair it.

If it’s time to prepare your home for the season, don’t wait until your next plumbing disaster to get help. Contact us today for a full consultation.