Where Does the Wastewater Go When You Flush Your Toilet

Where Does the Wastewater Go When You Flush Your Toilet

The toilet is often a home fixture that we take for granted, except for those unfortunate times that it backs up or leaks. We know that the things we put in the toilet go down the drain and disappear when we flush, but very few people ever ask where the wastewater goes, or how the system works. The system itself is pretty straight forward. It operates through the use of a water supply, your toilet, and the drain.

Your Water Supply

If you live in an area where there is a municipal water supply available, you get your water through a main supply line connected to the water company. In areas where no municipal water is available, homes get their water through a well on their property. Once the water enters the home, it splits into two lines, one that goes through the hot water heater and carries hot water throughout the home and one that carries cold water. Almost all appliances and fixtures require hot and cold water. Your toilet and outside fixtures are likely the only ones that use just cold water.

The Flush

When your toilet is flushed, the lift lever raises a tank ball or a rubber seal that is known as a flapper. Water from the toilet tank is released through the flush valve opening and enters the toilet bowl, forcing the wastewater in the bowl through the trap and down the drain. After the tank is emptied, the flapper seals the tank, and it is refilled by your water supply. The wastewater is carried out of the home through the main drainage line to the municipal sewer line, or to a septic system in areas where no sewer service is available.

Keeping your home’s drains clog-free is essential to ensuring that your system works efficiently. If you are having any problems with your drains or toilets, call on the professional plumbers at The Trenchless Guys at (330) 362-3425.