Why You Should Choose Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Why You Should Choose Trenchless Pipe Replacement

When your water, sewer, and drain lines need to be replaced, it can be a daunting project. Excavating the line and replacing the old pipes takes a great deal of time, and creates a mess, along with damage to property that needs to be repaired.

The trenchless method of replacing pipes is much simpler, using a “bursting head” that runs through your old pipes to break them down while simultaneously pulling new pipes into place. When you choose The Trenchless Guys to replace the pipes at your North Central Ohio home, these are a few of the benefits you will enjoy.

  • Less Digging. Traditional methods of pipe replacement usually take at least a week to complete, due to all the work involved with digging a trench and laying new pipe. Trenchless pipe replacement saves you time and worry, because the only digging involved is making two small holes to gain access. This is especially beneficial when pipes run under your landscaping or outdoor patios.
  • Your old pipes are likely made of clay, concrete, cast iron, or PVC pipe. Each of these materials can be easily punctured or broken. When you choose trenchless pipe replacement, your pipes are replaced with high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is seamless and stronger than the other materials. The lifespan of the pipes is up to fifty years.
  • The pipe bursting method we use in trenchless replacement costs far less than traditional trench digging. You will save around 40% by choosing this option, not to mention the money you will save by not having to fix up your landscaping and area that would have been excavated.

For any type of trenchless pipe repair, The Trenchless Guys are the plumbers you want to call. We have the experience and expertise to complete your project to your satisfaction in a timely manner. Reach out to us today at (330) 362-3425 to speak to one of our professional team members about your plumbing needs.